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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used on jakedeichert.com to gather statistics about visitors. When you visit this website, an analytics script will attempt to send some non-personally identifiable information to Google.

Information may include:

  • Browser and operating system versions
  • Pages visited
  • Websites that visitors come from
  • Session duration
  • Countries and cities that traffic originates from


Google Analytics also uses tracking cookies to store non-personally identifiable information. These cookies allow Google to remember which pages you've visited in the past.

How do I limit the information sent?

I'm using an extra feature of Google Analytics that informs Google to anonymize your IP address as soon as they possibly can. This helps increase your privacy. Please check out Google's IP Anonymization FAQ page to learn more.

What is this information used for?

I personally use this information to gain an understanding about which pages and blog posts of mine are more popular than others. This information also helps me improve the viewing experience for devices and browsers that my visitors use.

Google also uses this information for their own purposes. Please check out their privacy policy and Analytics FAQ pages for more info.

How to prevent Google Analytics tracking

If you would like to prevent sending information to Google Analytics, I recommend using an ad blocker. You should also set your browser to block jakedeichert.com from setting Google Analytics tracking cookies.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me either on Twitter or on the GitHub issue tracker for this website.